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About Us
Tadika Nebula was established in year 2009. Our kindergarten provides effective and fun-filled approach for early childhood learning and development. We hope that every child could embrace a joyful childhood, experience the fun of learning and develop multiple lifelong skills. Feel free to browse through our website for more details.
Why Choose Us
Left and Right Brain Training
Innovative and Creative Child-Focused Program
Well-Trained and Experienced Teacher
Fun and Amazing Learning Environment
Support the Holistic Development of Children
Creativity And Self-Expression
Nurturing Young STARS 
Thematic Flash Card
Interactive Approach In Learning.
Right Brain Development.
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics.
Speed Maths
Stimulating both functions of the right and left brain in performing calculations promotes speed, accuracy and patience.
Many Childs, Many Stories
Fun & Creativity Simultaneously
daily school activities
Schedule of Enrollment
Starting school is a very exciting and important for children.  We can’t wait to help your child to reach his or her developmental potential. Our Programme are creative and helpful for your children’s Right Brain Development, Intellectual Development, Innovation Development, Motor & Physical Development, Communication Development, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. We develop a Flexible and Responsive Play-Based Environment for the children to learn through play and nurture them to work in group or team. The school life in Tadika Nebula is an instrumental in preparing your child for their successful future. Are you interested to enroll your children to our family?
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+6012-328 5277